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25 March, 2014
In 2012 the Senate Economics References Committee conducted an inquiry into the post-GFC banking sector in Australia. That inquiry heard a substantial amount of evidence from mum and dad investors across Australia who had become confused by Bankwest calling in their loans and putting them into recei... more
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24 March, 2014
There is no doubt that financial relationships between the states and the Commonwealth government have changed radically since the federal Constitution was written and the Commonwealth was established. Clearly, the problems which now exist need to be reviewed. In the original Constitution, it was th... more
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20 March, 2014
I was very interested to hear Senator Ludlam's speech in this place last sitting week regarding the forthcoming Western Australian Senate by-election on 5 April. While I understand that Senator Ludlam's tenure as a representative of Australia's largest state may well be drawing to a close and he may... more
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18 March, 2014
Almost two years ago to the day, I stood in this chamber and likened the mining tax to a piñata: no matter where you stood, it was pretty easy to take a swipe at it. But, while piñatas are fun, the mining tax has been nothing but disadvantage to Australians, who were led down the g... more
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17 March, 2014
Can I just make some very brief remarks? I am not a Queenslander, I am a Western Australian, but I found that I had common views with Warwick Parer in various areas when I first came here. He was someone who assisted me and who explained Senate procedures to me. He was an individual who I greatly re... more
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03 March, 2014
Last week was a big week for Australia's two main airlines: Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia. In this country where remoteness and isolation go hand in hand, air travel is rightly viewed by many as less of a luxury and more a necessity of life. As Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, pointed out in his speech... more
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