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22 June, 2012
The Social Security Amendment (Supporting Australian Victims of Terrorism Overseas) Bill 2011 Terrorism is, sadly, no new phenomenon. A quick internet search suggests that, from the time of the assassins in the late 13th century, terror and barbarism were widely used in warfare and conflict. Howeve... more
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21 June, 2012
I have heard of this before from Senator Cameron, that we on this side of the Senate do not believe in climate change, and I have said several times before—and I have a speech in front of me from 11 August 2009 that says this—that I believe in climate change and that climate change is re... more
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19 June, 2012
Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Bill 2011 Earlier this month I had the opportunity to travel to London for a Commonwealth Economic Forum and, as is obviously the case when leaving the country for foreign travel, the most important thing a person does is pass through immigration. I w... more
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